Sunday, May 20, 2018

Plant Transplanting

On Wednesday the wonderful Mr. MacAuley came in to help us transplant our eggplant. Students learned that the eggplant needed to be moved to larger containers so they would have more room to grow. We also learned what is in the new soil that the eggplants are planted in (food, dirt, branches and nutrients). We can now have our eggplant outside during the day, however we have to make sure that the eggplant doesn't get sunburned (yes, plants can get a sunburn) so we aren't putting them in direct sunlight. At the end of the day we take the plants inside. Mr. MacAuley will be back in a few weeks to help us turn the soil over in our garden and then again during our PBL weeks to help us plant our vegetables in the garden.

Our Week in Review -- May 14th - 18th

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week Update -- May 10th

This week in math we have been working hard on our double digit subtraction strategies.  We have also been making ballpark estimates to make sure that our actual answers are close to our actual answers.

In Writing Workshop we wrote opinion pieces using evidence from two texts.  Our focus was on seasons and what season is better, winter or summer.  To take our writing to the next level, after using evidence from the text, students made text to self connections!  We are ready for 3rd grade! To find out what season students prefer check out our Seesaw blog! 

Lastly, in Reading Workshop we learned about the "BIG IDEA" in an important person's life.  What is a "BIG IDEA"?  A "BIG IDEA" is a significant contribution, the reason why a person is important.  Below is a list of the biographies we have read and the important persons "BIG IDEA".  Each "BIG IDEA" was created by students during our mini-lesson on Wednesday -- you can see how hard they worked and how well they know these biographies based on their incredible thinking!

Martin Luther King -- Helped black and white people become equal. 
Ruby Bridges -- First African American child to attend an all white elementary school. 
Philippe Petit -- First person to walk across the Twin Towers on a tightrope. 
Amelia Earhart -- First woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. 
Jacques Coustea -- First person to dive under water and show people how beautiful it was.  He also invented an underwater camera. 
Theodor Seuss Geisel -- Made reading fun for kids who struggling with it. 
Eugeine Clark -- First person to study sharks. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sharing Muffins Equally

This week in math we have been learning about equal shares. On Wednesday students worked with a partner to share three muffins equally. Some students decided that each student should get one whole muffin and they cut the third muffin in half. While other groups cut all three muffins in half and each partner received three halves. The challenge problem was: Four children want to share 5 muffins equally, how many muffins does each child receive?  Students discussed that each person would get one whole muffin and then they could cut the 5th muffin into quarters (fourths). Below are some photographs from our math lesson. Today students uploaded photographs of their muffins and their learning to their Seesaw accounts, be sure to check them out.