Thursday, January 19, 2017

Change to More Diagram

Today in math we learned about the change to more diagram.  Students learned about the different components of the change to more diagram and how to use the change to more diagram to solve a word problem. Below are some examples of our great thinking during math. 


Today in Reading Workshop we learned about the glossary text feature. We learned that the glossary is a mini dictionary in the back of a book that defines important words in the text. During the mini lesson students went through books, found the glossary and then discuss how the glossary better helps them to understand information in the text. Below are some photographs from our mini lesson.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Lino is a new app that we are using during our guided groups in Reading Workshop. Lino is an online web sticky note services that we are using to document our thinking while we read. The wonderful thing about Lino is that each guided group works off of the same canvas allowing students within the same group to see their group members’ post-it notes. Once the post-it notes have been generated we can organize them into categories (changing the post-it notes color), leave new post-it notes answering a group members questions, ask a question about a post-it note, etc…, the possibilities are endless. Lino is also available for parents to see at home. Just ask your child what guided group they are in (what book they are currently reading and click here). Our username and password are both ppslarose. You can access Lino on your desktop or download the free iPad app.

Coins and Making Change

In math we are working hard on adding coins, using coins to buy food items and making change. A great way to practice this at home is to count loose change. We have been playing various coin games at school as well including: Buying and Selling & Writing Number Stories with Money.

Creating Writing Checklists

Over the past few weeks students have created their very own writing checklist. Each checklist is specific to the writing goals a student is working on. Each student then uses their own checklist while writing. We have found that the checklists are making a huge difference. Be sure to ask your child what is on their writing checklist!