Monday, May 8, 2017

Timeline -- Wright Brothers

Today in Reading Workshop we finished our timeline on the Wright Brothers. We learned that biographies are written in chronological order. This means that the book starts when the person was born; tells important events about their childhood and adulthood and ends with the person’s death. Below is our timeline of the Wright Brothers lives.

Our Week in Review May 1st - 5th

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

PicCollage & Guided Reading

Before vacation students finished reading chapter books in their guided reading groups.  As a culminating project students created a PicCollage where they summarized the book.  Students’ PicCollages needed the following elements: characters, problem, solution and setting.  Be sure to visit your student's Seesaw account (click here) to view their PicCollage book summary.  Below are some examples of our great work! 


Names of People and Places -- Biographies

Today we learned about a special text feature in biographies: Names of People and Places. Students learned that we can expect to find the names of people and places in biographies -- capital letters are a big clue. Students went on a names scavenger hunt in biography books. Below are photographs from our scavenger hunt. We took a photograph (using the iPad) of a page in a biography, and we then uploaded the photograph to the app, “Explain Everything”. From there we were able to highlight the names of people and places. We circled and labeled the names of people and names of places. We also discussed how students know whether a word beginning with a capital letter is a person’s name or a place. Some of our clue words to help us know if it is a place are: born in, lived in, moved to, grew up in.

Flat Stanley Project

Our Flat Stanleys were all shipped out last week, we are very excited about this project and can't wait for them to be returned.  Below are photographs from when we created our Flat Stanleys. 

PBL Plants Over Vacation

I'm sure many of you are wondering what happens to our plants during April vacation. Mr. MacAuley came by PPS on Friday and took the 2nd grade plants on a field trip to Claussen's. The plants are doing great in the greenhouse and is just what our eggplant needed because it was having a hard time getting started. We want to extend a warm thank you to Mr. MacAuley and Claussen's for all that they do for us -- thank you. Photographs from the plants’ field trip are below.