Friday, February 17, 2017

Update for the Week 2.17

We have had a very exciting and busy week in room 6! We had two celebrations (and parties this week) -- students shared their kindness towards their classmates on Tuesday, Valentine's Day. To show their kindness each student wrote a compliment card to each of their classmates. Students realized that the compliment cards were very meaningful and put a lot of smiles on faces.
On Thursday, we also celebrated Sullie's 8th birthday!

In math we worked on adding two 2-digit numbers. Students practiced this skill by using the tens and ones strategy. On Thursday and Friday students worked on exchanged a (long) one group of ten for ten ones. The problem we focused on was 53 - 28. Today in math we continued to show our thinking around this skill, check out our great thinking on Seesaw!

In Word Work we practiced adding -es and -est to the end of a word. In addition, we practiced how a word goes from singular to plural by adding "s" or "es".

Lastly, we had a wonderful Mystery Skype with Tennessee! We learned that the classroom we skyped with in Tennessee is very close to Memphis. In addition, we learned that Tennessee is a very long state and it can take up to 8 hours to travel from one end of Tennessee to the other. The last fun fact we learned was how snow very rarely falls in Tennessee. A week ago less than an inch of snow fell in Tennessee and the entire town was shut down! Below are some photographs from our week.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Math This Week

This week in math students solved animal number stories. As a group we discussed the meaning of the words length and height.  Length is the distance across something from one end to the other and height refers to how tall someone or something is.  We then discussed the following question: What word would you use to describe the size of a giraffe standing up?  Students used data from the Animal Heights and Length Poster in their Math Journal to solve animal stories.  We practiced using the open number line to solve animal stories.  In addition we learned how to make ballpark estimates.  Students learned that if a number in the ones place is four or less we round down, and if a number in the ones place is five or more we round up!  Students did a wonderful job working through these new skills!

Writing This Week

This week in writing we have been learning all about recycling and why recycling is important.  On Monday, we gathered information from two sources, a ReadWorks passage and a CSWD video.  After gathering information on our topic each student brainstormed four (or more) reasons why it is important to recycle.  On Tuesday, each student reviewed their brainstormed list from Monday and wrote a five-finger paragraph.  A big thanks to Ms. Warren who shared these wonderful resources with us! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mystery Skypes Last Week

We have had some very exciting Mystery Skypes lately. On Tuesday, we Skyped with Mrs. Brownlee’s class from Kansas. Mrs. Brownlee’s class was celebrating their 100th day of school and they were all dressed up to resemble someone who lived 100 years ago (that was very exciting to see). We also learned that Kansas is famous for the Kansas City Dodgers. On Friday, we Skyped with Ms. Elder’s class from Utah. We learned that in Utah it is very cold right now and they have two feet of snow! We have two more Mystery Skypes scheduled for this week.

Different Graphs

Today in math we learned about three different types of charts/graphs: Tally charts, picture graphs and bar graphs. As a class we collected data as to how many pockets each child was wearing. Each student used the data to make their our own tally graph, picture graph and bar graph! Below is some work from our lesson!