Friday, May 31, 2019

PBL in 2nd Grade

We had a very exciting 1st day of Project Based Learning in 2nd Grade! Students in Room 6 were broken up into four different groups. Each group went to a different 2nd grade classroom. Students really enjoyed interacting with a different 2nd grade teachers and working with peers from various 2nd grade classrooms. Mrs. Ryan's project focuses on how bees help pollinate plants and flowers. Mrs. Bissonnette's project is helping our school collect water by making and painting rain barrels. Mr. Shepard is helping students understand that gardening can happen in unique ways (such as on a roof top) and Ms. LaRose's project focuses on how we are going to start vermicomposting at Porters Point School -- composting with worms!

Photographs below are from Ms. LaRose's project. A big thank you to Recycle Rhonda from CSWD (Chittenden Solid Waste District) who will be coming in during each session to help Ms. LaRose teach students about vermicomposting. Additionally, CSWD is providing PPS with all the materials needed to start vermicomposting in each 2nd grade classroom!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Week in Review: May 20- 24

Plant Transplant

On Wednesday the wonderful Mr. MacAuley came in to help us transplant our eggplant. Students learned that the eggplant needed to be moved to larger containers so they would have more room to grow. We also learned what is in the new soil that the eggplants are planted in (food, dirt, branches and nutrients). We can now have our eggplant outside during the day, however we have to make sure that the eggplant doesn’t get sunburned (yes, plants can get a sunburn) so we aren’t putting them in direct sunlight. At the end of the day we take the plants inside. Mr. MacAuley will be back in a few weeks to help us turn the soil over in our garden and then again during our PBL weeks to help us plant our vegetables in the garden.